About Us

About Us

Elegance is not being noticed… it is being remembered. Inspired by one of the oldest traditional Japanese aesthetic ideals, Miyabi, we create apparel that are elegant and stand out from the crowd. “Miyabi” is translated to mean; elegance, refinement, or courtliness. We pride ourselves on making fashionable apparel that are practical, durable, and unique. 

We take our time creating intricate designs that reflect your unique character while still maintaining an air of simplicity. When you wear our garments we want you to feel confident. True fashion is about looking and feeling good. Our clothing line creates a medium for you to express that desire and flourish. Experience the true elegance that comes from within. 



Vision Statement

To make fashionable clothing that highlights everyone’s unique personality and sparks their creativity. We achieve this by using the best quality material and creating unique designs inspired by ancient Japanese aesthetics.



Mission Statement

Our mission has always been to give people a chance to reflect their inner beauty and personality. In an age where everyone wants to be a part of the crowd, we want to challenge the status quo by creating unique designs and giving our wearers an outlet to do what makes them happy and wear what expresses their inner confidence.